How to Balance Your Business and Personal Life…

As entrepreneurs and small business owners, we all know this is very difficult. No matter whether you’re working full-time and running a business or running a business full-time and juggling a family and friends, managing your time so you meet all your business and personal goals and objectives is one of the most difficult things you’ll face.

When I was running my dressage training business, I was also working full-time as an engineer for an aerospace company. My idea of time management was to focus on my engineering career for 50-60 hours per week, and use all my other time to run my training business. After 16 years of that kind of stress, I was beyond burned out…and didn’t even know how much fun a “vacation” could be.

No matter what you’re situation, I highly recommend using the following tips to manage your time effectively so at the very least you don’t burn out, and at the very best you employ a balance that will increase your creativity, effectiveness, and accomplish your goals while enjoying life as much as possible.

  • Define what is truly important, what are your goals, and what makes you happy

Understanding what is important to you and knowing your goals for your business and personal life will help you focus on where to spend your time. Clearly define what makes you happy, and what doesn’t. Work up an initial plan to prioritize your goals and define work times and personal times in a schedule. Make sure you schedule in time for things that make you happy even if it’s just 10-15 minutes a day.

  • Understand yourself and your patterns

Take the time to really understand your patterns and how you work best. If you’re an early riser and do your best work in the morning after a good workout and light breakfast, then schedule your most challenging tasks for that time. It’s also a good idea to put a little stress on yourself by not being too generous with deadlines. If you are the opposite type of person, and everything is urgent, try using a system that allows you to prioritize tasks and allow yourself more than ample time to complete them. You will develop a better sense of accomplishment and completion which will lead to more positive planning and an increased ability to push tasks out of the “fire” and in line with your goals.

  • Delegate when possible

If you’re have employees or a virtual assistant, delegate. If you give the right work to the right people, you will allow yourself time for the tasks that only you can do. You really don’t want to do it all yourself if you have options and can delegate some of it. This is true for business and personal life. For example, if you can afford to pay to get your car washed, do it. You can use that time for something that is much higher on your priority list.

  • Manage your environment

This is critical. I’m so guilty of not effectively managing my environment I could be the poster child for this. I’ll have my priority list for the day, go to my office and start working and then start playing with the dogs, put the laundry in the washer, take out the vacuum, feel guilty, and stop everything and go back to work. Not only is this terrible for my concentration, I get so much less accomplished. So don’t be like me. If you work at home, schedule time or days for household chores, your family and your pets. If you are a phone or email checker (you know who you are), schedule specific times each day to check the phone and your emails. If you have an open door policy at your business for your employees, ensure that you have “office hours” for them so that they don’t constantly distract you. It’s good for your employees to learn to plan their time as well. And unless the building is burning down, there isn’t usually anything that is so life-threatening that it can’t wait until specific office hours.

  • Separate work and personal times

When you plan your daily time and your weekly and monthly schedules, it’s really important to include your personal appointments and schedules as well as your business appointments. I used to be in the habit of scheduling all my business and work tasks and appointments, but I never scheduled any time for family, friends, or even exercise. You can imagine where that led. It may seem really tedious and time consuming at first…that’s the excuse I used to use. But it’s so important and incredibly helpful.

  • Remember why you work so hard



Mahalo and much success,

Lynn Herkes



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