Listening is such an important skill. And so under used especially in business! 

Everyone is so busy trying to tell everyone something in business: 

  • telling employees what to do or say or how to be
  • telling the market how great their products or services are
  • telling competitors and customers how great they are
  • telling their customers how great they are great customers

But if you STOP TALKING…the world will present itself and the solutions and the customers will come. Most of the solutions, clients, customers, and answers present themselves quite clearly if you just listen…literally. 

In my experiences in problem solving, whether in aerospace or dive instruction or the hotel industry, the best (and easiest) solutions presented themselves when I listened to the other person. It didn’t matter if the person was a customer complaining or a co-worker having a problem. If I just listened, the answer was right there.  

In fact, I actually had to teach myself to not interrupt when the answer came out in the conversation and to hold it as a mental note (or sometimes I would actually jot it down while listening – useful if more than one solution presented itself), then wait until the other person was finished speaking. It was almost amazing sometimes to the other person that I had the answer as soon as they were done talking. And they would always say “you’re so smart! I knew you would know the answer!” Or something to that effect. And all I did was listen to what they were saying. 

And in the cases where the solution is more complex and investigation is needed, listening provides all the information that you will need to find a solution. It is a learned skill that might take some practice, but it’s worth the effort. 

Have a great day listening… 

About Lynn Herkes

Lynn Herkes has over 26 years experience and education in customer service, production, process improvement, quality control, and engineering. She has a broad industry background including aerospace, tourism, travel, hotel, restaurant, property management, customer service, equestrian training, scuba instruction, business and project management, operations, and ownership.