Turmoil and Trust



Do you feel like everything is going great? Smooth as can be? Making money, obtaining more clients, providing better products and services, and on down the yellow brick road? When all of a sudden you start getting complaints. Just one here from a customer, and one there from an employee. And before you know it, you’re swallowed up in the whirlwind of firefighting on a daily basis just to smooth over employee conflicts and poor customer service issues. How the heck did that happen?

It’s amazing how fast it can creep up on you. But the truth is, the causes of this firefighting mode are many and start long before they are big enough for you to notice. That’s why it’s so important to stay on top of employee and customer follow through. Being proactive in customer service and employee engagement. The are several ways to help prevent firefighting mode and maintain a high level of customer service while also maintaining excellent employee engagement.

For customers, there’s nothing better than asking for their input in improving your company and your customer service or product. It’s fairly easy to develop a post sale or post contact customer survey, with partial anonymity, that allows your customers to share where you could improve. Make sure to ask for enough defining information (such as room number, date range, product number, or service date) to help you identify where to put your efforts in solving their issues. Also, include a place for them to provide some positive feedback if applicable.

For employees, anonymous surveys often work with employees as well, however employees will hold back honesty if they believe they are being “tracked” due to possible detriment to their performance or job security. One of the best ways to obtain helpful, honest, and productive feedback is to offer an open door policy and allow them time to develop a relationship with you where they can “vent” in a safe environment with no “retribution” or negative effects to their job. Many times this means being able to talk to their bosses boss, and other times this means allowing them to discuss issues without the boss making any judgments or negative feedback.

It may take some time to obtain positive results but the effort is ultimately worth it in the long run. You will develop a stronger, more loyal customer base and a more powerful, loyal employee team that functions more effectively to meet company goals. If you need additional assistance with surveys, teamwork, or customer service, contact us. We’re here to help.

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Lynn Herkes has over 26 years experience and education in customer service, production, process improvement, quality control, and engineering. She has a broad industry background including aerospace, tourism, travel, hotel, restaurant, property management, customer service, equestrian training, scuba instruction, business and project management, operations, and ownership.

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